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Vertical Shaft Impactors

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Performance with Profitability

A superior combination of rotor design & wear material characterizes our Vertical Shaft Impactor. This combination has proven to be exemplary in improving the product quality as well as improving the capacity.

The current and future operating conditions will demand stringent productivity demands.

Like all our other equipment, the V.S.I has been designed to minimize maintenance and improve and facilitate all adjustment operations. The machine layout has been optimized for compactness. The core objective of our engineers has been to make the machine stronger and more powerful than similar sized machines without affecting the compactness of the machine. Our engineers will help you choose the right rotor configuration along with the right crushing chamber to minimize your crushing costs and improve product quality.

The most powerful feature of our V.S.I. is that you can achieve more reduction in fewer stages thereby you will not only save on capital costs but also on recurring energy costs.

Permanent collaboration with the best foundries has ensured superior alloys for the wear material, which drastically reduce your operating costs. The shoes, liners and the impact anvils are made of superior grade alloys, sourced from just the best!
For unbeatable performance in secondary or tertiary applications, there is only one choice, us.

The main advantages of our Vertical Shaft Impactor are:

  • Quick balance rotor  / Instant balancing rotor
  • Competitive capital cost / Viable capital ROI (Return on investment)
  • Special Rubber Mounts to prevent any vibrations affecting the base structure
  • Low service and maintenance cost (Low maintenance & servicing cost)
  • Minimal Foundation requirements (Minimal foundation setup required)
  • Superior output quality
  • Extra deep rotor for better production and lower wear rates
  • Choice of rotors (Options)
  • Quick change anvils (what is the meaning of anvils??)
  • Oil lubrication
  • Extra large flywheels
  • Quick installation as the machine is installed on a chassis
  • Heavy Duty Bearing Cartridge assembly

A Brief look at the other merits

  • High tonnage
  • Very portable (Convenient portability)
  • Cubical particle shape
  • Accepts feed sizes other finishing machines, Just can’t!

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