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Smooth Wall V-Bottom Liquid Frac Tank

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Smooth Wall V-Bottom Liquid Frac Tank

All frac tanks are steel grit blasted and painted to your specs.

Dragon Frac Tanks are built from new 1/4″ Heavy Duty Corrugated Steel. You design, we deliver. All models available now!


* 1/4″ Steelplate tank construction
* Smooth interior walls for easier cleaning
* V-bottom floor for better drainage
* 3″ fill line
* Manways conveniently located on front, side and top
* 4″ Drains and front inlet/outlet
* Heavy duty nose bar assembly
* Flange mount blay lock ll10 p/v vent 16oz pressure,
* 0.4oz Vac setting
* 2″ Coupling w/plug
* 4″ Flange w/blind cover
* 21″ Manway domed lid and bars
* 3″ Elbow fill line w/cap
* Safety walk way (36″ grating)
* Access stairs
* Level gauge w/8″ stainless steelball “Y” support holds ball 1″ minimum off floor
* Front drain w/valve, threaded flange, plug, chain
* 21″ Manway, domed lid (2)
* 11.00 x 22.5 Tubeless tire on 10 hole steelwheel
* Folding hand rails
* 4″ flange valve, threaded flange, plug, chain remote operation handle
* 25k axle, automatic slack adjusters, top mounted 30 service chambers, outboard drums, hutch 9700 suspension, 3 leaf high arch springs
* Dot taillights and lower market lights, no toplights
* 4″ coupling w/plug

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