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Poly Tanks are totally enclosed and water tight. The heavy duty plastic polymer helps to control odors and is resistant to corrosion. The poly tank is also much lighter than a conventional steel container. Great for hauling hazardous liquids that are too acidic to be hauled in a steel container.

Utilizing the same understructure and design as our patented Poly Box™, the Poly Tank offers the same features with the additional feature of full containment. Options for the Poly Tank include options for man ways, pump decks, pipe and hose connections, spray arms and even 100% sealed tailgates that allow an unconfined space entry. Call one of our representatives today to specify your particular needs and receive a quote for a quality built Poly Tank™.

Great for hauling corrosive or sticky materials.


Standard floor specifications: 3/8″ high molecular weight poly, 3″ structural channel crossmembers (12″ on center), 1 1/2″ hook through 3/4″ plate, 1 1/2″ axles with 4 heavy duty wheels, 2″ X 6″ X 1/4″ undercarriage rails, 4″ diameter x 6″ wide nose wheels with greased zerks, 8″ diameter x 10″ rear wheels, universal cable lift hook, solid steel bullnose on rails

Standard body specifications: 3/8″ high molecular weight poly- all interior walls, 3″ X 4″ X 7 gauge top rails, 5″ X 3″ X 12 gauge side posts (24″ on center), 3″ X 7″ X 7 gauge rear posts at hinge, up-lift latch release system, door seals with soft rubber “E” seal gaskets, tarp tie-downs, sealed tailgates are standard on Poly Box Containers

Testing: All Poly Box Containers are water tested at factory as “Water-Tight”


Various apertures; Valves, Inlets, Man doors, Hatches and decks; EPDM polymer “E” seal on tailgate; Cable hook-up; Hook-lift hook-up; Cable / hook-lift hook-up; Heil hook-up; Dempster dino hook-up; Rear cable hook-up.

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