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2300 Gal Fuel Tank

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Fuel Tank – 2300 Gallon

•2300 Gal. Cap, Double Wall
•3/16 Pl primary and Secondary tank
•Interior Flow Thru Baffle (1)
•8″X15 wf Base Beams
•4×10 Rectangular Tube (2-Fork Pockets)
•Reinforced Lifting Frame
•Weight 8100 Lbs

Fitting Schedule

•Clock (Level) Gauge, 2″ Mpt
•2″ Fill w/ Cap & Auto Shutoff Inside Spil lcontainment Box, 4″ Mpt
•Spare, Primary tank 4″ Mpt
•Secondary Tank Drain/Monitor Port 2″ Fpt, Riser Pipe Optional
•Fuel Return Port, 1″ Mpt (2)
•Fuel Suction Port, 1″ Mpt (2)
•Secondary Tank Pressure Relief, 6″ Mpt
•Primary Tank Pressure/Vacuum Vent 2″ Mpt, Riser Pipe Optional
•Primary Tank Emergency Vent (Pressure) 6″ Mpt
•Spare, Secondary Tank, 2″ Mpt.


•UL-142 Listed

•SWRI Tested to SWRI 97-04

•UL-2085 Fire-Rated Available

•Steel Tank Institute Certified

•Complies with NFPA30AFire Resistance Requirements

•Air Pressured Tested to Specifications

•STI 30-Year Warranty Available

•275 to 10,000 Gallon Sizes

•Frame Construction or Skid Mounted

•Polyurethane Paint Systems

•Emergency Vent Connection

•Gauge Connection

•Fill and Overflow Connections

•Fill Equipped with Overflow Shutoff

•Fuel Suction and Return Connections

•Primary Vent Connection

•Interstitial Monitoring Port Options

•Tank Level Gauges (Clock Type)

•Fill and Dispensing Hose

•Dispensing Pumps

•Polyurethane Coating Systems

•Level Alarms and Shutoffs

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