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Dumpster Liner Anchor

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As a Waste Water or Sewer Authority, you typically will load sludge throughout the year into a Lined Dumpster. Some haulers will install the dumpster liner for you and some will not. Liner Anchor will make the installation of your dumpster liner a 3 minute process regardless of the weather conditions.

Secondly, Liner Anchor once installed will secure your liner in place, protecting your facility from the liner falling into the dumpster, which can lead to regulatory fines from State and Federal regulatory agencies should your waste leak out of the dumpster.

Regardless of what dumpster your hauler brings you, simply add or take away from the memory of your Liner Anchors to keep the liner safely in place.

Easy to install and remove, liner anchors are stainless steel and will give your facility the security it needs for years to come.

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