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Pulverizer Jaw

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This concrete pulveriser excels in the secondary processing of concrete debris, separating concrete from rebar cleanly for maximum resource recovery and cost effective operation

The mechanical Pulveriser Jaw is an exceptionally efficient tool, saving you money and time. Working at 10 to 12 cycles per minute, it makes fast work of concrete debris for fill and concrete crusher feedstock. Additional savings are achieved through the on-site recycling of waste concrete into usable aggregate, minimising truck movements, and improving efficiency. When waste concrete can be used on site as clean aggregate, the environmental impact of the demolition work is significantly reduced.

This demolition pulveriser is versatile, tough and highly efficient. The simple, heavy duty design, at less than half the cost of comparable hydraulic excavator attachments, gives this concrete pulveriser greater durability and rigidity and produces clean, separated reinforcing steel (rebar) and clean crushed concrete quickly and economically. It also plays a significant role in the primary demolition of bridge decking, parking structures, floor slab, beams, and footings and safely breaks cast iron material such as machinery stands and engine blocks.

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