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Grapple Jaw

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A tough, versatile and durable excavator attachment, providing a cost effective solution for handling demolition debris recycling

The severe duty Grapple Jaw is tough, versatile and makes fast work of demolition debris removal. The simple, heavy duty design, at less than half the cost of comparable hydraulic excavator attachments, means greater durability and rigidity, without excess weight.

Use the A-WARD Grapple Jaw for demolition debris recycling, safely loading and stacking large rocks in quarries, sorting and handling logs, loading trucks, and for land clearing in any industrial demolition or construction sites.

The ergonomically shaped jaw design, with a smaller gap between the jaws when closed, makes it easier than other hydraulic grapples to pick up smaller objects such as short steel beams, allowing efficient sorting for maximum resource recovery. The jaws open to almost 180 degrees and the double action pivot system enables independent movement of the lower jaw, making loading trucks easier. This excavator attachment enables better product handling, offering an efficient solution, cost savings and value for money.

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