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CPS Series Pipe Shredder

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Large pipes or bundles of pipes of smaller diameter are loaded into the horizontal feeding trough, the doors are closed automatically and the hydraulic pusher forces the pipes towards the rotor.

The CPS pipe shredder reduces material to approximately 1″ to 4″ when combined with a Cumberland granulator (stacked 2 stage or in-line with conveyors) output material sizes can range from 1/8″ to 1/2″ and the granulator can average 150% of its stated throughputs without heavy power consumption (loads typically seen when using a granulator alone).

  • 39″ (1000 model) or 56″ (1500 model) diameter drum style rotor provides efficient cutting of thick wall pipe
  • The low speed cutting action provides smooth operation when processing the heavy wall or solid pipe and reduces noise levels that typically occur when processing long lengths of heavy material
  • 4-edge 1.3″ (34mm) reversible cutters with bolt-in replaceable knife seat for easy maintenance
  • Feed trough that processes up to 25 foot long full length pipe horizontally. This feed style allows the heavy pipe to be fed at a comfortable height by fork lift or crane without the need of complex tilting mechanisms to feed the shredder
  • The three stage telescoping 15hp hydraulic ram pushes the pipe into the shredder, maintaining pressure to maximize throughput. The laser measurement device on the ram records the exact position of the ram at each step of the process
  • Dual drive motors provide even distribution of horsepower along the rotor, maximizing the transmission of torque through the heavy-duty gearbox system



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