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65 Series Behind-The-Press Granulators

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Providing efficient and versatile granulation for a variety of applications. The 65 Series can be used with robot fed, conveyor feed or hand feed operations. 65 Series granulator also provides maximum cutting efficiency with their low-speed, 3 knife open rotor design. With cutting knives manufactured from D2 HCHC and heat treated with Cumberland”s proprietary process, the 65 Series handles virtually all types of molded plastic scrap.

Standard Features

  • Multi-feed hopper suitable for manual, conveyor or robot loading. Top section is reversible for easier feeding of long runners, and is equipped with an Innovative flap assembly specifically designed to be removed quickly and easily.
  • Bolted and doweled cutting chamber assembly with outboard, sealed-for-life bearings.
  • Three-knife, open rotor with scooped wings and slant-cut knives combined with counter-slanted stationary knives provide true “scissor” cutting action.
  • Rotating end discs for low heat granulation and reduced friction wear.
  • High-inertia flywheel with automatic drive belt tensioning.
  • 3HP belt driven TEFC motor, NEMA Type 12 enclosure, safety interlocks, push buttons, safety labels and monitoring device.



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