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Food Dehydrator G-400H to G-2000H

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Nearly 20 years of research and operational experience are behind this food/organic wast processor, to process mixed food scraps and other organic waste into a sterilized, easy-to-handle compostable output material for various applications. These systems have been in full production and deployed in a wide array of commercial and industrial applications in over eight countries.


  • Advanced built-in temperature & moisture sensors, and control system automate the entire process
  • No microorganism, enzymes, fresh water or other additives are required
  • Six-step deodorizer process
  • Proprietary blower chamber technology
  • Patented “double helix” shredder and blade design
  • Animal oil extraction system (optional)


  • Up to 90% volume & weight reduction; completes cycle typically in 8-11 hours; generates sterilized, easy-to-handle, dehydrated output material*
  • Easy maintenance, hassle-free user experience
  • Eliminates unpleasant odorsEnables addition of extra food waste during the processing cycle without losing production efficiency; provides maximum operational flexibility to machine operators
  • Prevents jamming—minimizes down-time and lowers maintenance costs
  • Produces extracted animal oil suitable for high-quality bio-diesel refinement from fatty content


Specifications Unit G-400H G-600H G-1200H G-2000H
Processing Capacity/Day
(2 Cycles Per Day)
Dimensions Length Inches 83 99 130 166
Width Inches 60 65 73 83
Height Inches 71 79 81 91
Power Source Voltage
208V, 3P, 3W: 101.2A
240V, 3P, 3W: 87.8A
480V, 3P, 4W: 43.8A
208V, 3P, 3W: 165.9A
240V, 3P, 3W: 143.9A
480V, 3P, 4W: 71.9A
208V, 3P, 3W: 227.8A
240V, 3P, 3W: 197.6A
480V, 3P, 4W: 98.7A
208V, 3P, 3W: 353.1A
240V, 3P, 3W: 306.3A
480V, 3P, 4W: 153.0A
Machine Weight Pounds 3,087 4,410 7,717 12,126

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