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The Sunward SWE 365F has been introduced in Europe during the last quarter of 2021. It is one of the newest models we launched. It is also the largest excavator available in Europe. This 35.9-ton large excavator delivers 252 kW of power, making it one of the most powerful – if not the most powerful – excavators in the 36-ton weight category. In fact, the SWE 365F excels easily over competitors in many other aspects, like the digging reach and digging depth, the bucket breakout force, and the max. loading and cutting heights. The SWE 365F is a monster at the worksite. This heavy-duty machine packs all the power you can fit into its frame, with a comfortable cabin and easy operation as well.

Operating weight 35 900 kg 79 146 lbs
Power output 252 kW 343 HP
Max. digging depth 7 465 mm 24’6″
Width 3 190 mm 10’6″

In the Sunward tradition to always offer the best value for money, the SWE 365F is no exception since it offers many features and up to 3 years of warranty as standard, at the right price.

Discover all the other advantages of the Sunward SWE 365F.


Operating weight 35 900 kg 79,146 lbs.
Standard bucket capacity 1.0~1.1 m³ 264 gal
Shipping length 11 170 mm 36’8″
Shipping width 3 190 mm 10’6″
Height over cabin 3 110 mm 11’2″


Model Cummins QSL9S5-C338 Cummins QSL9S5-C338
Emission rating EU Stage V EU Stage V
Displacement 8.9 L 542.85
Rated power output 252 kW 343 HP


Type 2 variable piston pumps 2 variable piston pumps
Displacement 2×324 L/min 80.8 gal/min
Hydraulic pressure 31.4/34.3 Mpa 4,974 psi


Max. digging depth 7 465 mm 24’6″
Max. digging reach 11 330 mm 37’2″
Max. bucket digging force 250 kN 56,202 lbf
Max. arm digging force 168 kN 37,768 lbf



On top of its EU certification, the Sunward SWE 365F, like all Sunward machines on the European market, is designed to meet European customer needs.


For the SWE 365F, we selected the medium-duty Cummins QSL9 engine in its latest version. This engine with heavy-duty components and performance sets the industry standard for reliability and durability and enjoys wide popularity in the market, so it has an extensive service network.

Its increased fuel economy and longer maintenance intervals contribute to lower cost of operation and lower Total Cost of Ownership.

With near-zero emission levels, it complies with the European Union’s latest requirements and delivers from 220 to 321 kW without compromising power, performance, or fuel economy.

Its incredible output of 252 kW rated at 1 800 rpm even makes it one of the most powerful – if not the most powerful – excavators in the 36-ton weight category.


As hydraulics are often regarded as the heart of the machine, Sunward sources exclusively from the highest references in the market. For the SWE 365F, we selected Japanese premium brands KPM for the hydraulic pump and swing motor and KYB for the Main Control Valve (MCV). Both highly reliable brands are known for their high efficiency and long-life components, designed specifically to meet the demands of hydraulic excavators.


The SWE 365F has been designed with durability in mind. The Cummins engine has built a reputation for high durability, even in extreme working conditions. Also, special attention has been put into the key parts of the SWE 365F, such as the boom and the arm, which are designed with an increased sheet material thickness. All supporting elements are made of high‑strength, high‑ductility, and structural steel die‑forged pieces. This has the great advantage of providing elements with both high wear resistance and structural strength. This process delivers a massive increase in reliability operating under heavy‑duty work. For example, the swingarm and bucket rod are designed with the reliability standard of 20 000 hours.

Also, the SWE 365F’s heavy-duty implements are delicately annealed, which completely eliminates the residue stress in weld seams and increases the machine’s reliability significantly. After welding, the natural cooling process (with the risk of uneven cooling) is prevented by heating the metal in an isolated chamber to 600 – 800°C and then cooled down slowly (5 – 8 hours), avoiding residual stress and defects. This kind of cooling process is usually not adopted by manufacturers who want to save time and money.

Last but not least, the X chassis has been reinforced, bringing excellent resistance to distortion.


Thanks to the inline turbocharged Cummins QSL9 engine, the SWE 365F uses less fuel, with improved total fluid efficiency (includes both fuel and Diesel Exhaust Fluid), with no compromise on performance (this engine has an even better performance compared to its previous version, delivering 8 percent more power and almost 13 percent more torque across the entire RPM range).

Sunward’s SWE 365F medium excavator also has the highest hydraulic efficiency, which results in low fuel consumption. With the new premium quality main pump from KPM, and the innovative thinking from Sunward, we increased the machine’s displacement by 7%, power by 4%, and volume efficiency by 6% – making the entire excavator more energy efficient).

Finally, thanks to the 3 attachment work modes, operators can enjoy versatility, but also fuel consumption optimization.


In the spirit of Sunward’s motto – ‘Innovation Leads to Value’ – the design and engineering of the SWE 365F is focused on generating optimal value for the machine’s owner while offering optimum versatility to the machine’s operator.

The SWE 365F can be used in a large variety of working conditions and applications. And thanks to the 3 separate auxiliary lines (2 of them are equipped with a shut-off valve for easy and oil leakage-free installation of attachments), the 3 bucket working modes, and the 3 attachment work modes, an operator needs only a few minutes to fully appreciate the possibilities offered.


The SWE 365F is as easy to maintain as it is to operate. To reduce maintenance time and cost, the covers on the side and the top provide direct access to the service points. With extremely easy access to the fuel tank and centralized grease fittings, we even added handrails to make it easier to get around the machine.


The high-strength SWE 365F cab meets ROPS, TOPS, and FOPS requirements, which are standard and among the first features to ensure a safe and comfortable job in all application environments.

To accommodate tall European operators, the cab is easy to climb in and out of; and its roomy interior provides a comfortable and efficient work environment. Everything is designed to keep operators comfortable, productive, and absolutely safe.

The safety pack – including fire extinguisher, safety hammer, and safety belt – contributes to total peace of mind.

Last but not least, the latest standard equipment is the rear camera – which complements the large windows and glass rooftop to provide a 360° view, allowing to work safely and efficiently, without stress.


Sunward is your smartest investment in reliability, performance, and high ROI. Indeed, the SWE 365F’s expert design includes a well-thought-out selection of components that streamline operation and maintenance. Our design choices result in a machine that provides so many standard features, premium-brand key components, and capabilities at the right price.

And furthermore, Sunward’s own genuine spare parts are economical as well – and all of this best value for money is crowned by up to 3 years of warranty, standard for all Sunward products.

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