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DC8000-20 Diesel Drum Crusher

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The Model DC 8000 is for use in multiple or remote location where the electrical supply is limited or unavailable. The trailer and machine weigh 5,000 pounds and is capable of being pulled by a standard pick up truck with a Class 3 hitch. The trailer is supplied with electrical brakes.

The power for the crushing mechanism comes from a 20 HP cast iron diesel engine. The engine runs at 3600 rpm. The machine develops 85,000 pounds (38,555 Kg) of force and will crush a standard 55 gallon steel drum down to 3 inches. It is designed for heavy-duty continuous use.


  • 20 hp Diesel motor
  • Compaction force up to 85,000 pounds at 3000 psi
  • Crush 55 gallon steel drum down to 2.5″
  • Cycle time of 25 seconds
  • 40 gallon hydraulic tank
  • Heavy Duty Steel construction
  • Directional Control Valve
  • Drum ring locator, keep the drum aligned
  • Safety interlocks door, prevent operation while door is open
  • Mounted on a trailer
  • 12 Volt Battery (Included)
  • Safety features to comply with OSHA

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