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Slant Front Nestable Round Bottom

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Door latch meets all ANSI standards and with 3 hinges keeps door alignment over container life. Vertical operating latch and retaining chain ensures safe, effective operation.

Tarp Hooks located to ensure effective cover securement.

Reinforced understructure is gusseted at every cross- member for maximum strength and container life.

This container is made from the highest quality steel by dedicated, professional craftsmen. Each container is subjected to tough quality control inspections.

Through the plate, Heavy Duty Pull Hook. Welded top and bottom for durability and safety. Front end with solid rail noses and full size rollers also maximize strength and container life.

Smooth side interior construction. Round bottom eliminates accumulation of rust-promoting debris and expedites dumping and clean-out.

Heavy Duty wheel assists in easy container movement.

CONT.     A     B
20 YD     41     53
25 YD     53     65
30 YD     65     74
40 YD     84     96


  • FLOOR: 3/16” PL(std), 1/4” PL(optional)
  • CROSSMEMBERS: 3 x 4.1 channel, 18″ on center
  • WALLS: 12 GAwith 3” x 4” tubing top rail and 12 GA, formed channel verticals 24″ on center
  • DOOR: 12 GAwith tubing frame
  • FRONT: 12 GAslant formed
  • PICK UP: Standard cable with 2 x 6 x 3/16 rails, gusset at each crossmember
  • WHEELS: (2) 8″ DIAx 9″ Lat rear
  • DOOR LATCH: Vertical latch with safety chain
  • WELDS: Continuous inside, skip weld outside
  • FINISH: Coated inside and out with direct to metal, rust inhibiting acrylic enamel color coat
  • DIMENSIONS: 22’-11″ long (21′-8″ inside), 96″ wide (84″ inside), see drawing for height
  • OPTIONS: Ampliroll, Heil and Dino pick up also available.

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