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The redesigned Kamper is now available, built in a ready to assemble design, the new Kamper is ready to really help keep your campgrounds or other common public areas TyeDee and Safe.  The Kamper is best suited to those who manage their own waste.  With a capacity of over 20 “Glad” sized bags, the Kamper’s 2 top loading lids make it easy to place garbage in the bin.  The 2 front doors with an animal resistant handle makes it easier for the waste collector to empty the bin.  Users of the Kamper include campgrounds, resorts, fire departments, small apartments, offices, schools, restaurant, community living centres, and many other places.



  • Inside – 58″ Width x 40″ Front, 44″ Back x 38 1/2″ Depth
  • Overall – 61″ Wide x 46 1/2″ High x 43″ Deep, 400 Lbs.

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