The Valpak Bin rotary compactor is found directly on the waste production site, in picking aisles, at the end of co-packing lines, and at the enterance way of store reserves. Simply insert a 1000l bin, secure it with the hydraulic plateau, throw in formed waste, and the Valpak Bin performs automatic compaction. The Valpak Bin recieves formed cardboard, plastic, and crate waste.


  • Optional pre-shredder for cardboard up to 1200mm wide and 70mm thick
  • Optional bin tipper
  • Valpak BinWeight: 1.2 tons
  • Plastic waste Bin capacity: 220 – 400lbs
  • Cardboard waste Bin capacity: 550 – 800lbs
  • Crate waste Bin capacity: 550 – 650 lbs



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