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Rectangular Packer Receiver

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Compactor Receivers are the heavy duty container built to attach to a commercial compactor. These compactors often deliver compaction forces of 25 tons or more of force into the container. These containers are often called ìpackers.î

The Rectangular design is designed for use with stationary waste compactors, these packer/receiver boxes are often specified for the demanding requirements of high volume waste applications such as industrial sites and waste transfer facilities. Numerous models, capacities, and options are available to serve many needs.


Heavy duty packer horseshoe, 8″ or 12î cross member spacing, Crash plates, Sign plates, Side post spacing on 18î centers, Heavy duty wheels, Greaseable wheels, Heavy duty skids, 6î x 2î x 3/8î long rails, tubing side posts, Dog house supports, Cam lock, Cable hook-up, Hook-lift hook-up, Cable / hook-lift hook-up, Heil hook-up, Dempster dino hook-up, Rear cable hook-up


  • Rectangular Packer Receiver:
  • Understructure: 3″ channel 4.1 lbs/ft at 16″ apart
  • Long rails: 2″ X 6″ X 1/4″ tubing
  • Bullnose: Solid 1 1/4″ plate burnout
  • Floor: 3/16″ 2 pieces butt welded
  • Push plate: 26″ X 16″ X 3/16″
  • Hook-plate: 23″ X 15″ X 3/4″
  • Wheels: 8″ X 10″ long rear, 8″ X 6″ long front (standard only on cable)
  • Wheels axles: 1 1/2″ solid round bar
  • Nose rollers: 4″ diameter x 6″ long
  • Side wall and roof: 10 gauge with 5″ taper per side from rear to front
  • Bulk head: 10 gauge
  • Top rail: 3″ X 4″ X 7 gauge tubing
  • Side post: 3″ X 5″ formed on 24″ centers
  • Rear corner post: 3 1/2 ” X 7″ X 3/16″ formed
  • Tailgate sheet: 10 gauge
  • Tailgate latch: Vertical lift handle
  • Tailgate frame: Vertical and horizontal 3″ X 4″ X 7 gauge tubing
  • Hinges: Heavy duty machine type, three on 62″ and higher
  • Paint: Exterior one solid color, interior and bottom prime

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This Rectangular Packer Receiver attaches to a commercial compactor

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