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Auto-Tie Horizontals

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Our Auto-Tie Balers can keep up with high volume applications without ever breaking a sweat.

  • Auto-Tie Horizontal Balers for Maximum Output With Minimum Labor
  • Every unit is customized to fit your application, with a wide variety of customer adjustable settings.
  • Fully automatic operation from load to tie reduces labor costs
  • PLC control with touch screen means ease of operation and adaptability as your business grows
  • “Hands-off” operation means you only need someone to take away finished bales
  • Multiple chamber/hopper size combinations to fit any application or material
  • Touch-screen controls for easy operation
  • Will handle High-speed, high volume applications
  • Single cylinder front tension system – Fewer moving parts for better reiability
  • High-pressure systems available to produce super dense bales
  • Spring loaded, retractable retainer dogs insure uniform tight, bale size
  • Electrical panels UL Listed for Safety

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