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AGP220 Baling Machine

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The AGP-220 is one of the larger baling presses from the Alert range. The AGP-220 is designed for Non-Ferrous and Light Gauge Ferrous material, specifically in longer lengths and when high volume production through put is important. With a bale being produced in approximatly 30 seconds production rates of 12 tonne/hour are not uncommon on light gauge steel.

The AGP-220 is a 3 stage baler which comprises a side loader (stage 1 ) that feeds the material into the chamber prior to the guillotining action from the lid ( stage 2 ) during this shearing a hold down arm ensures that material remains within the confines of the hopper (added safety). The lid also acts as a pre-compression stage, (stage 3) is the compression of the gathered material with 218 tonnes of force, creating a high density bale.


  • Side Loader L x W x D: 8m x 1.4m x 0.6m
  • Pushing Face: 1.4m x 0.4m
  • Shear Force: 220 tonnes
  • Packing Force: 220 tonnes vertical and horizontal
  • Face Pressure: 124 Bar / 1800 psi
  • Bale Size – Domestic: 600mm x 300mm x variable
  • Bale Size – Export: 550mm x 300mm x variable
  • Output – Steel: 10 tonnes per hour
  • Output – Aluminum: 3 tonnes per hour
  • Dimensions: 16.1m x 7.3m x 6m
  • Main Motor: 110kW 3ph 440 VAC 50Hz
  • Cooler Motor: 1.5kW 3ph 440 VAC 50Hz
  • Air Supply: 7 Bar / 100psi
  • Weight: 60 tonnes

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