The unique dual-stage design ensures that the fluff is mixed with the virgin material above the extruder throat. Each auger is independently adjustable and can be set to follow the extruder screw speed by monitoring a tachometer signal from the extruder.
•    Patented dual-stage fluff feed assembly on the TE and TFH systems.
•    Metering and mixing is slaved to the extruder via signal isolation on the TE and TFH systems.
•    Independently adjustable horizontal and vertical drives precisely control fluff metering and homogeneous mixing of the pellet/fluff mixture at the extruder throat on the TE and TFH systems.
•    High performance vertical feed auger incorporated vertical compaction and mixing to allow the maximum fluff re-feed percentages possible on the TFH-HP model.
•    Heavy-duty re-feed pedestal on the TFH-HP model
•    Vertical side-access door on pedestal for easy cleaning on the TFH-HP model.