Film Reclaim Systems Reduce Cost and Improve Quality. Cumberland’s film scrap reclaim systems can reduce costs by grinding scrap and conveying it directly back into your extruder. The Film Reclaim Grinders are designed to handle a wide range of materials and can be equipped with feed roll assemblies for automatic feeding of scrap roll stock.

The process offers numerous advantages over repelletizing. Scrap is restored to its original feedstock value, and no additional heat history is added to the material. Contamination risk and labor costs are reduced because material is not handled as often. Repelletizing costs, which often run $.15 – $.25 per pound are eliminated, and scrap inventory is reduced or eliminated. With Cumberland’s scrap reclaim systems, you will see an improved finished product and a high return on your investment. Feeding scrap directly back into the process is like putting money in your pocket.

•    “Doctor” blade on lower roll reduces wrapping.
•    Hinged front door with clamp for easy access.
•    Pneumatic cylinders on models 20 and 30.
•    Angled feed roll geometry helps feed thicker films.
•    Steep wall grinder chute improves scrap feed.
•    Safety switches on all hinged and accessible components.



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