Bayne Premium Lift Systems offers hydraulic tap-in kits to divert hydraulic fluid from the truck or compactor hydraulic system to operate the cart lifter.  These kits are composed of quality components to provide a reliable and efficient hydraulic circuit.  Bayne Tap-In Kits include diverter valve, hand valve, fittings and hoses needed to properly tap-into a variety of applications.



  • No wiring or solenoids
  • Hydraulic operating pressures up to 3000 psi
  • Hydraulic flow rates up to 75 GPM
  • Allows simultaneous operation of lifter and packer blade
  • Pressure relief in diverter valve prevents valve “lock-down” that could cause pump damage
  • Pressure relief in hand valve controls lifter operating pressure
  • Spring-centered hand valve allows the lifter to be stopped at any position during the dump cycle
  • All connections are standard SAE or JIC

A diverter valve diverts some of the vehicle’s hydraulic fluid from the main system into a separate line to power an auxiliary system, such as a cart lifter.  In the past, even the best diverter valves would either reduce the flow of the system’s hydraulic fluid to the point where the packer panel would slow down, or it would lower the hydraulic pressure, making it impossible for the bodies to pack as much refuse per load as they were designed to.  The new, patent-pending Bayne 0700 Series Diverter Valve uses a proprietary design to eliminate these problems, enabling the refuse collection vehicle to function normally while one or two cart lifters are in use, making semi-automated collection even more efficient.  One of the critical elements of the 0700 Series design is that it reduces pressure drop.  Any time hydraulic fluid is pushed through a valve or fitting, the system pressure drops and energy is dissipated in the form of heat – the archenemy of hydraulic systems.  Excess heat in the hydraulic system causes the fluid to thin, making it work less efficiently.  Heat can also damage the nonmetallic parts of the hydraulic system, leading to leaks; cause pumps to wear out faster and even result in vehicle fires.  Bayne’s 0700 Series has been shown to reduce pressure drop by 100 to 250 psi and to decrease operating temperatures by 50 degrees or more while improving flow to the vehicle tailgate by five to seven gpm.  Like all Bayne diverter valves, the 0700 Series provides a constant level of hydraulic flow to the cart lifter system, regardless of the vehicle’s engine speed.  This ensures that the lifter always operates at the manufacturer’s recommend speed, preventing equipment damage and maximizing productivity.



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