Our Conveyors are synonymous with excellent reliability.We offer a wide range of conveying solutions answering all your requirements for Safe, Reliable and Easy to maintain Equipment.

We design conveyor trusses that are simple and also compact, there by conveyors are very easy to dismantle, transport & erect.

The simplicity of our design minimizes the use of specialized mechanical staff.

Special attention has been paid on designing of the head and tail pulley assemblies. The heavy duty assemblies ensure extended belt life due to excellent tracking facilities. Crowned, rubber coated drums also play a very important role in extending the belt life.
The most reputed brands are available with us, your Profit Partner.

Operator safety has always been our priority.

We have developed a comprehensive list of safety equipment that can be added to ensure a risk- free operation.

The Main advantages of our Conveyors are:

  • Nip Point Protection
  • Safety systems
  • Fast installations
  • Compact dimensionsCan be fully dust encapsulated
  • Optional water spraying
  • Can be fitted into a container
  • Easy to dismantle & erect