The Valpak rotary compactor is an at-waste-production-lever unit designed with ease of use and minimal noise in mind. The Valpak requires no preliminary waste handling, and can collect formed cardboard, plastic, or crate.

The Valpak’s  photocell automatically launches waste compacting, and jams are handled without intervention. A full bale is signaled by a flashing light, and the waste is collected in plastic bags.

The Valpak comes in a standard size, with bale weights ranging from 300kg to 450kg (waste dependent), as well as a smaller size with bale weights ranging from 100kg to 300kg (waste dependent).


  • Optional pre-shredder for cardboard up to 1200mm wide and 70mm thick
  • Optional roof for special locations and security measures
  • Optional stainless steel build perfect for the food processing industry.



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